About Us

Thrive 45 Fitness was built on a philosophy surrounding Health, Respect, and Togetherness. In a society where physical and mental wellness are scarce, we intend to provide abundance. We provide overall wellness coaching in the areas of physical and mental health. Every client (or partner) of ours contributes and strengthens the roots of our organization. You will learn to push your limits physically, and develop the mental disciplines needed to thrive in life.


Physical - Why 45 ?

Thrive 45 Fitness is a workout program designed around 45 minutes of medium to high intensity training. 45 minute training is the optimal amount of time to keep clients engaged and training intense without getting totally burnt out. Each session will consist of core exercises, optimal strength training, cardio conditioning, detailed agility training, and flexibility. Session designs will consider each individual and group abilities, but be ready to be challenged.

Mental - Supplemental yet Foundational

Each Physical Training Session will include mental health insights and guidance. This aspect of our training will certainly give you new perspective on what it takes to the be the best you. Confidence, Self Awareness, and Leadership skills are often topics during training. You may be surprised how powerful you really are. We intend to tap your potential.


Online mental training will also be provided to our clients. Go at your own pace, and learn the mental skills and techniques used by some of the most successful people in the world. Want more? Join our Monthly Coaching Calls designed to keep you on track and motivate you to accomplish your life goals.